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Just a few days ago I posted my Crock Pot French Dips. So good…such a fantastic weeknight dinner. I had enough leftovers for lunch the next day and STILL had more. It was sooo good I couldn’t let it go to waste. So, what does one do with leftover slow cooked French Dip beef? One […]

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I have so been craving French Dip sandwiches lately. They’re definitely one of my favorite sandwiches. Ever. Ok, Reuben probably comes in first.

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Yep. She is one hot freakin’ mess on a pretty platter. See, this is what happens. And, yes, I’m about to rant; just stay with me here. When I get all stressed out I have to just go cook something. And cuss.

Trashy Joes


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I’m going to need for you to not judge this post by its name. Yes, these sloppy joes are a little slutty.  I honestly wanted to call them Sloppy Whores. But I refrained. As much as I thought it suited them, it just didn’t quite seem right.

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I’ve never put much thought into patty melts. For example, I wouldn’t order a patty melt at Waffle House. But, I’m kinda weird when it comes to certain things at restaurants.

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