20 Incredible Steak Recipes

Everybody loves a good steak.

Obviously, the best way to enjoy them is right off the grill, but steak always rivals chicken when it comes to sandwiches, taco fillings and nachos.

If you’re not familiar with the different cuts (there are many), here’s a mini tutorial…

Ribeye – AKA Delmonico. These originate in the upper ribcage, and are very marbled, very juicy and full of flavor. You should sear these, as well, but be careful about flames due to fat content.

Tenderloin – AKA filet mignon. This particular cut starts under the ribs. The meat is lean and is the most tender of all steaks. You’re gonna want to sear this one and cook it slow in the oven to desired temp (I use a cast iron skillet and they always turn out perfectly).

T-Bone – AKA Porterhouse. This is the cross section of the short loin. One side is a tenderloin, the other side is a New York Strip. Juicy, decent marbling and lots of flavor. Be careful when cooking, because one side will cook faster than the other, so cook it away from the broiler.

New York Strip
– AKA top loin. Usually boneless, these originate from behind the ribs. Not as fatty as ribeyes, they usually have a strip of fat on one side. Tender, but not quite as tender as the tenderloin or ribeye.
Feta Spinach Filet MignonNow that you’ve been schooled…go here to check out my 20 Incredible Steak Recipes!

This article was originally published on Parade Magazine/Community Table Recipes by me.

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