Steakhouse Burger

Steakhouse Burger

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I didn’t know what else to name it. The Steakhouse Burger tastes just like the name sounds. It’s a meaty burger with a smoky, delicious taste.

And you won’t get messy at all.


I’m lying, you will.

Steakhouse Burger

It just felt…


Here’s the rundown of this beautiful thing –

Medium rare (or whatever level of doneness you prefer, of course) ground sirloin burger adorned with melted white sharp cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, sauteed mushrooms, beer battered onion rings and a tangy ass steak sauce nestled in between two homemade garlic butter buns.

Steakhouse Burger

Now, what would you call it?

Steakhouse Burger
It’s meaty, cheesy, bacony, and messy as all hell.

Steakhouse Burger

Welcome to #burgermonth – the brainchild of Kita Roberts, who so brilliantly started the blog Girl Carnivore “Because boys aren’t the only ones who like to play with their meat.

I mean…she and I have to be kindred spirits. The girl definitely knows what the hell she’s doing.

If you know me, you know I welcome a good burger challenge. I ADORE making burgers.

Here’s your printable-

This post is part of a month-long burger celebration.

You can search #burgermonth on social media to get many more fantastic burgers from other bloggers, chefs and foodies.

A special thanks to GirlCarnivore.com for hosting this event.

Copy of Marissa Jonathan 3

And, there’s an awesome giveaway that you can enter at BurgerMonth.com.

●       American Lamb Board – (ALB prize boxes 5 lbs of ground lamb, an apron and a meat thermometer
●       Anolon – 10″x 18″ Double Burner Griddle and Grill Pan
●       Beef, It’s What’s For Dinner – prize packs of beefy grilling-themed goodies
●       Char-Broil – Char-Broil Kettleman Grill
●       Curly’s BBQ – Curly’s BBQ Pork Pack
●       Cuttingboard.com – Olive Wood Carver Bo
●       Melissa’s Produce – Baby vegetable box
●       Primal Stone – XL Primal Stone
●       Spiceologist –  4 Rub Grilling Spice Set
●       Thermoworks –  Thermapen Mk4
●       Veal Made Easy – 5 lbs Veal and grilling gear

WHERE THIS EPIC BURGER CREATION IS MY OWN FOR #BURGERMONTH 2017, I WOULD LOVE TO THANK American Lamb Board, Anolon.  Beef, It’s What’s For Dinner, Char-Broil, Curly’s BBQ, Cuttingboard.com, Melissa’s Produce, Primal Stone, Spiceologist , Thermoworks , & Veal Made Easy FOR THE KICK BUTT GRILL PRIZE PACKAGES!

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  • Don Odiorne
    June 4, 2017 at 10:10 AM

    Love the angle on these shots, makes me want to take it hight out of your hands and grab a bite.

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