Asparagus and T-Bone Sheet Pan Dinner

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Just when I thought OXO couldn’t be more innovative.

They now have peelers for every single vegetable. How awesome is that??

They recently sent me one of each to try them out, and I’m in love with them! I made a fantastic sheet pan recipe they sent along with the peelers. It was a snap to make, and we were eating in no time.

A T-bone and asparagus dinner in about 20 minutes? 


For this particular dish, I used the Asparagus Peeler, which has a specially shaped blade quickly and safely removes only the woody layers asparagus is so famous for, which in turn reduces waste. For the really large, tough stalks, it makes it easier to *snap* the ends off at just the right place.

You can also make pretty strips to use for topping salads, soups, or for decoration purposes on formal dinner party dishes.

They’re easy to use with a compact design that maneuvers easily around fruits and vegetables, and they are super sharp.  They’re also very comfortable to use! And, with most all OXO products, they’re dishwasher safe. That’s so important to me, because as a food blogger, I make a mess daily and constantly running my dishwasher. 


This recipe was not only easy to prep and cook, dinner was on the table in no time. I prepped the asparagus, then got the steak ready. I like to bring my steaks – and a lot of beef cuts – to room temperature before cooking it.

Then, I made a very fragrant lemon oil for seasoning. I’m a HUGE lemon fan, BTW.

OXO Peelers
This was smelling pretty good….

By the way, if you don’t have an OXO sheet pan, you need one!

I have the Non-Stick Pro Half Sheet Jelly Roll Pan, and it’s my go-to for so many things, but since I discovered how much I LOVE one pan dinners it’s in use all the time.


 After getting everything assembled on the sheet pan, it went in the oven for roughly 15 minutes. 

tbone6 1

The steak was so tender, and the lemon oil did a fantastic job of seasoning the mushrooms and asparagus. We honestly had no need for steak sauce or salt and pepper. It was so good.

OXO T-Bone

This was delicious, ready in no time, and definitely something that’s going in my regular dinner rotation. 

Like what you see?

Go here to get this fantastic recipe, and to see all of these fantastic peelers (and to get YOURS!) go here.


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