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Buffalo Chicken, White Cheddar and Blue Cheese BLT

I believe it’s probably apparent that I have an affinity for buffalo sauce. I could literally drink it. If it’s Moore’s. Have you seen my Buffalo Blue Burger? It’s phenomenal. Oh, and Buffalo Chicken Skillet Pizza is amazing if you haven’t tried that. Let’s not forget my Buffalo Chicken Hand Cut Fries.…

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Buffalo Chicken BLT
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Buffalo Chicken BLT

There’s something so beautiful about a well made BLT. The bacon has to be crispy, the lettuce fresh, and the tomato ripe (but not too ripe!). I was craving one a while back and things just kinda got out of hand.…

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The Grown Up Bologna Sandwich

Did you grow up on fried bologna sandwiches? Or even plain bologna sandwiches? I was having a conversation with my Southern blogger friend, Adam, a while back about these and we decided to have a joint bologna-sandwich-off. He’ll be…

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Miniature Hot Dogs

What I have for you today are cute, little itty bitty hot dogs.     For some reason I was about to type the word “stoked” I’m excited.but thankfully I stopped myself because yeah…I don’t really say “stoked”. Sooo, let’s…

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Italian Sub Sliders

Have you been out shopping and fighting all the crazy people? If so, you obviously need something easy to throw together when you get done with all that craziness. You won’t catch my ass out there in that circus.…

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Sriracha Muenster Burger

Hot damn. Isn’t she the prettiest? This is by far one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. EVER. Let me begin by telling you that this isn’t my burger. Nope, this is my son’s. My 18 year old…