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I’m soooooo excited and relieved that it’s finally summertime! I love grilling, hanging out at the pool and long summer days. I also love being able to throw on shorts and a tank top instead of being smothered in layers. I HATE winter clothes. This past winter was so bad, especially for us Southerners. We had a few periods of excrutiating cold, some icing, and I got stuck at work for three days. It was miserable. As you may or may not know, my husband is from New York, so he knows cold and how to prepare. Here’s me one morning at 5 am after he layered me to go to work when it was 9 degrees.


And, yes, I’m wearing a big ass ski coat that’s his. Under that I’m wearing an undershirt, my uniform, a lab coat, a sweat shirt and a scarf.
capreseeggrollsI was still chattering my teeth all the way to work.

Off the subject; I have a question. What the hell happened to fireflies – or as we called them “lightning bugs”? Does anybody know? That’s one of my favorite memories of being a kid in the summer – catching them and putting them in a jar. Poor little things; being held captive just because we were entertained by their light-up asses.

I know, it’s a random thought but I can’t remember the last time I saw one.

Just for you, here’s a few of my favorite summer recipes-

Watermelon Salsa – So refreshing.

IMGP3922 copy

 Aloha Sliders – Perfect for outdoor BBQ parties!

IMGP61 copyBlueberry Bleu Salsa – A great 4th of July dip!

IMGP4311 Kahlua Chicken – One of my most popular recipes.

650   Caprese Egg Rolls – A brand new favorite.

IMGP7907Chocolate Truffle White Russian – No words are needed.

IMG_1165 copy2

Yay for Summer!



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  1. Marty

    Holy moly! This stuff looks amazing, loved the buffalo chicken crostini with bacon..whoooo!

  2. We have lightning bugs in our neighborhood. We haven’t caught any, but I love watching them light up! That white russian is calling my name!

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