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Do you spell this ketchup or catsup? Here in the south it’s ketchup. Who says “CATS-UP”? Um, that would be nobody. That I know of, anyway. It’s “ketch-up”. We put it on french fries, burgers, hot dogs and butterbeans. Yes, butterbeans. I said it. Ok, fine that’s just me, but we do NOT put it on […]

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It’s summertime! It’s hot; time for lazy days by the pool, grilling out and – of course – ice cream. Ready to win some cool summer kitchen play things?? Of course you are. I’ve teamed up with a group of fantastic bloggers to offer one reader the opportunity to win this bundle, which includes (1) […]

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It’s summer – as you all know it’s my very, very favorite time of year. When I was a kid it was because my birthday is in July. Today, it’s simply because I hate, hate, hate cold weather. It makes me want to cuss. On another note, this year, my family made my birthday so […]

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I’m soooooo excited and relieved that it’s finally summertime! I love grilling, hanging out at the pool and long summer days. I also love being able to throw on shorts and a tank top instead of being smothered in layers. I HATE winter clothes. This past winter was so bad, especially for us Southerners. We […]

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Once upon a time… There was a BBQ chain called Full Moon that introduced itself to the Birmingham area. I very quickly got to know this chain, and developed an affinity for their chow-chow. What is chow-chow, you ask?

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