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Top 10 Recipes of 2017

Are you ready for 2018?

2017 was a good year for me from a culinary standpoint. Here are the top 10 recipes from the year, but first let me go over some things I learned that I’m so excited about…still.

I discovered smoking.

THAT was huge; I never really knew the joy of smoking until I got my smoker box.
unnamedOne of best things I’ve smoked so far – Smoked Lemon Pepper Wings.
Smoked Lemon Pepper WingsGo here for the recipe.

I discovered sous vide cooking. Words can’t express how much I love this method. If you don’t have a sous vide, get one ASAP.
IMG 4749I made these Reverse Sear Carnitas.
Carnitas | Dixie Chik CooksGet the recipe here.

I learned that you can pancake batter the shit out of just about anything.

Including Pancake Battered Chicken.
Pancake Battered Chicken | Dixie Chik CooksGo here for the recipe.

I learned that bacon and tequila pair quite nicely. I made this Bacon Jalapeno Tequila Jam Burger, and it got me a Golden Ticket to World Food Championships .
Bacon Tequila Jam BurgerGet the recipe here.

I learned EXACTLY how to make copycat Krystal (or White Castle) burgers. I nailed them.
Krystal Copycat BurgerGo here for the recipe.

I learned that thinly sliced potatoes make damn good vehicles for other food – such as Sloppy Joe stuff. And other stuff.

Ok, fine, jalapenos.
Sheet Pan Pachos | Dixie Chik CooksGet this here –> recipe.

I learned that shoving a beer can in the middle of ground beef makes for a perfectly stuffed burger.
beerGo here for the recipe – You won’t be sorry.

I also learned that adding an Asian flair to the typical French Dip is absolutely amazing.
Asian French DipGet the recipe for this Asian French Dip here.

I also played around with layering – cheese encased in a meatball encased in a pretzel shell. Sounds complicated, but nah.
Meatball Stuffed PretzelsGet the recipe for these Meatball Stuffed Pretzels.

Oh, and I made, yet, another burger. Shocker, I know.
IMGP7994 1Click here for my Steakhouse Burger.

That was the best of the best – 2017 version.

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Best of 2017


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  1. I made so many delicious recipes for my family. Basically, I love to cook. Love to search more tasteful recipes. You have got some excellent recipes for 2017. Such an amazing creation. Thanks.

  2. Emily North

    Wow, So many fantastic recipes. They all look so wonderful. I am so very grateful to have found you and your blog, keep the recipes coming! Always, I will try to make the delicious food. Thanks for sharing your experience I always like to read health tips and food recipe. Such amazing creations! Seriously thank you for all this awesomeness!

  3. Michele @ Bacon Fatte

    I don’t know which one to love more… What a great group of recipes! Looking forward to more deliciousness in 2018… Happy New Year!!!! 🙂

  4. Christine @ Christine's Pantry

    They all sound good.

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