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How To Cut a Mango

Sooo… I have decided to start a new series, a “How To” series on the blog.  It’s still in the works, but I have zero patience. ZERO. So, I’m sharing my first of the series today, How To Cut a Mango. I have several lined up in the series, but if there’s anything you would like for me to include, PLEASE let me know! Drop a comment below, send a FB message or post, or send an email. I would love to hear your suggestions and requests!! There are so many little skills when it comes to being in the kitchen; some may be rigid in method, some not at all. As long as the job gets done is most…

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Savory Melon Recipes

I absolutely love pairing things that are unexpected. Melon is a summertime staple that may be more versatile than you might think. It’s not just for being in a fruit cup. Salads are a given, but have you ever…

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Blueberry Bleu Salsa

Another appetizer? With fruit? Hell yeah. It’s summertime – that means grilling out, laying out by the pool and making the most out of berries. And listening to the kids complain about how bored they are. That just means they…

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Salmon Ceviche

Ceviche. I love you. I just discovered ceviche recently, a popular South American dish. It’s raw fish marinated in acidic fruit (along with other flavorful ingredients). The acid basically “cooks” the fish but doesn’t really change the raw natural…