How to Cut a Mango

Sooo… I have decided to start a new series, a “How To” series on the blog.  The first in this series is How to Cut a Mango.

The series and line up are still in the works, but I have zero patience. ZERO.

So, I’m sharing my first of the series today, How To Cut a Mango. I have several lined up, and if there’s anything you would like for me to include, PLEASE let me know!

Drop a comment below, send a FB message or post, DM me on Insta or send an email.

I would love to hear your suggestions and requests!!

How to Cut a Mango

There are so many important skills when it comes to being in the kitchen; some may be rigid and complicated in method, some not at all.

As long as the job gets done effectively and safely is what’s most important. An important skill I learned about 8 years ago was how to cut a mango, and it really has been a game changer.

This is really how to cube a mango, but hell that doesn’t matter, it has to be cut anyway. The fact that you get perfectly almost uniform little cubes opens the door for you to make aesthetically pleasing dishes so easily.

This isn’t difficult at all, doesn’t require any special equipment; it’s just you and a knife.

I love how almost perfectly square the little cubes are. Keep in mind, if your mango is too ripe, it will most likely always go bad. You don’t want messy, squishy mango – you want cute little mango squares to show off how badass you are.


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  1. Michaela Kenkel

    Such a helpful post!! I can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeve!

  2. Julie Menghini

    We love mangos and this is the perfect way to cut them!

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