Pumpkin Nutella Dip and Giveaway Winner

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It’s fall y’all!

I am having a hard time believing it but I guess I have no choice. I so don’t want to put away the shorts and flip flops! But, it is Alabama, and the falls means one day it’s sweatshirt weather and the next day it’s 90°. It will be that way until Christmas. O.I.A. (Only in Alabama)

I know, it’s crazy but I’m used to it.

There are some things I like about Fall. I love the squash that’s in season, watching Alabama football, making chili, and the state fair. Aside from that, I would rather it be pool weather year ’round.

This recipe was thrown together one afternoon when I was waiting on the kids to get home from school. I had a bunch of pumpkin puree that was given to me by a friend and I was trying to think of a good but somewhat healthy after school snack. I thought the banana would be a good binder for the consistency and taste – it worked just like I thought it would.

Pumpkin Nutella Dip

1/2 cup pumpkin, pureed (or canned pumpkin)

2 tbsp Nutella

1 large very ripe banana, pureed

1 tbsp honey

Combine everything with hand blender or whisk. Refrigerate for 30 minutes before serving.

Serve with apple slices, spread on toast, heck eat it with a spoon.

My son told me to bottle it and sell it to Publix.


Jen – you’re the winner of the coconut oil! Thanks for entering and thanks to Kelapo for the giveaway.


Have a great week-

~Dixie Chik~




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