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Remember this salsa? It now has a sibling. It’s a little deceiving. It’s so sweet. Yet so hot.

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Another appetizer? With fruit? Hell yeah. It’s summertime – that means grilling out, laying out by the pool and making the most out of berries. And listening to the kids complain about how bored they are. That just means they need to get their asses outside and cut the grass. So, just in time for 4th […]

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I couldn’t be more pleased to do a guest post for Shea and her Dixie Chik Cooks. I’ve loved her blog for a long time because not only are her recipes and photos good, the girl’s got sass. I love that. We should all have that no-nonsense attitude when it comes to cooking. Since Shea […]

Salmon Ceviche


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Ceviche. I love you. I just discovered ceviche recently, a popular South American dish. It’s raw fish marinated in acidic fruit (along with other flavorful ingredients). The acid basically “cooks” the fish but doesn’t really change the raw natural flavor. It’s pronounced “seh-vee-chey”. Very ethnic and interesting sounding, right? They also say it’s a great […]

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It’s fall y’all! I am having a hard time believing it but I guess I have no choice. I so don’t want to put away the shorts and flip flops! But, it is Alabama, and the falls means one day it’s sweatshirt weather and the next day it’s 90°. It will be that way until […]

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