Buffalo Wing Cheddar Chili Dip

Don’t hate me.

But this…

Will ruin your Thanksgiving guests’ appetites for turkey and dressing in a couple of days.

It’s probably the sexiest appetizer I’ve ever made in the history of Dixie Chik Cooks. And y’all know I love to make appetizers so I obviously bonded with this one in a special way. 

Sometimes, eating chili by itself just isn’t enough. I mean, most of the time it is. BUT – every now and then you gotta get all crazy as shit with it. At least I do.

My good friends at Cabot happen to have quite the line up of cheeses. I’ve made many things with their cheeses; go here, here, here and here just to check out a few. <—Trust me. I’ve used many in their collection, but one that I’ve had a hard time using in an original recipe is their Hot Buffalo Wing Cheddar. Not sure why; you would think that of all things would come naturally for me. I mean, after all I love to set my mouth on fire.

So, after making a big ass batch of chili (it unfortunately got cold here, damnit) it hit me to make – yes – another dip.


The hot wing buffalo cheddar married seamlessly with the chili and made a dip that I couldn’t get enough of. You can customize it – add more cream cheese, tomatoes, etc., if you want to keep the heat at a minimum, but why do that?

Hot Buffalo Wing Cheddar Chili Dip

That’s just not fun.

Hot Buffalo Wing Chili Dip

Here’s your printable – 

Hot Buffalo Wing Cheddar Chili Dip


  • 4 cups chili (homemade - mine included Italian sausage along with ground round, lots of fennel seed and cumin, or used canned if you don't give a shit)
  • 8 oz Cabot Hot Buffalo Wing Cheddar Cheese, shredded
  • 4 oz cream cheese, at room temp
  • Diced tomatoes and scallions
  • Tortilla chips or crackers, for serving.


  • Combine all ingredients in a dutch oven over medium heat and stir consistently, until all cheese has melted.
  • Top with tomatoes and scallions and serve with chips or crackers.
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  • Shea

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  1. Carolyn @ Cabot

    No hate here, we love you for this recipe. Thanks for sharing and great photos!!~Carolyn @Cabot

  2. adam j. holland

    Here’s the deal, Shea — I’ve never seen this Cabot cheese at my grocer, but I’ll ask for it. This dip looks phenomenal. And you know what? Fuck the traditional Thanksgiving fare. If it were that good, I’d be eating it all the time! Turkey is gross.

    1. Shea

      Thanks, Adam. You do need to find this cheese! And, yes, sometimes turkey is gross.

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