Greek Quinoa Salad


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There is something about Greek flavors that I am so in love with. As a kid, my dad always made this salad that he called “Indian Salad” (not sure why), but we also called it Greek Salad. It was green lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, peppers and feta cheese – and some sort of dressing that […]

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I started thinking the other day….why don’t you hear of turkey salad? Like chicken salad – but with turkey. You see tuna salad. Egg salad. Macaroni salad. Why not turkey? With all the leftover turkey every Thanksgiving, you would think that would be a given. I obviously decided to make some, but I have to […]

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Not sure where to begin with this one. See, I have this habit of taking random ingredients out of the fridge when it’s time to start dinner, a cookout, or even a typical meal, and start chopping them up, throwing things together, and it usually ends up being: 1) Salad. 2) Salsa or Pico. 3) […]

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If you like Chinese/Asian food – you’ll like this one. That is unless you only like the fast food deep fried Chinese food that makes you sick after you eat it. And then hungry again. See, I really don’t like that kind of Chinese food – just to let you know –  so this is not […]

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Isn’t corn easy to love? It’s sweet, a little crunchy, and very versatile. Oh, and good for you too! It’s naturally sodium free and a very good source of Vitamin C. It’s a strong antioxidant, helps to fight infection and viruses and also serves as a natural antihistamine. Who needs Claritin. I ♥ food and worry about […]

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