Steak and Bacon Panini with Guacamole

I love when this happens.


You know, when your leftovers go straight Rock Star.

I was just trying to use up some leftover flank steak the other day, and I was starving.

IMGP7598 (2)

Starving = Your Food Will Taste Amazing.

I don’t even remember what I made with the flank steak the night before.

Don’t judge.

But, the steak was so.much.better. than the night before. I won’t lie, this was a cheap cut of meat. The cheaper the meat, the more difficult it is to make tender. But, I sprinkled it with salt, simmered it in a little beef broth, covered and simmered it on low for about 20 minutes.


It sliced like buttah and made one hell of a panini.

Steak and Bacon Panini with Guacamole


  • 4 pieces white sandwich bread (or wheat, or rye, or whatever your favorite is)
  • 1/2 stick butter, melted
  • 1/4 lb. flank steak, done, thinly sliced
  • 1/2 cup grape tomatoes, sliced
  • 8 slices bacon, cooked
  • 1/4 cup guacamole (you know how to make this)
  • 2 slices Muenster cheese
  • BBQ sauce for dipping


  • Heat a panini maker over medium high heat and spray with nonstick spray (also spray the top of the panini maker).
  • Brush one side of each piece of bread with butter.
  • Add one piece of bread to the bottom of panini grill and layer steak, tomatoes, bacon, guacamole and cheese.
  • Add another slice of bread and close the panini maker.
  • Grill until done.
  • Dip in BBQ sauce.


This was so good – like, I can’t describe it good. Nobody was home at the time and I had no witnesses to this insanity.


The Muenster cheese is a key element here. Don’t skimp on it.



Oh, and the BBQ sauce.

This is crazy deliciousness.

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  1. ATasteOfMadness

    It’s so true, and I am STARVING right now! Even if I wasn’t, I think I would eat a plate full of these, this looks SO good!

  2. LydiaF

    You did a great job with the photos. I literally salivated…guess I need to make lunch, but it will be a lame lunch compared to your magnificent Panini 😉

  3. Jess

    YUMMY! Looks delicious! 🙂

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

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