Linguine with Roasted Garlic Sauce {Cooking Planit Review and T-fal Giveaway}

Lately, I’ve been sharing with y’all about Cooking Planit and my T-fal cookware giveaway (it’s going on now – if you haven’t entered do it now).

So, today, I want to share with you my experience using Cooking Planit. If you haven’t already signed up for their website or iOS app do that here. You’ll thank yourself later.

And me.

I decided to make a full meal, with sides, as opposed to just one recipe. One of the charms of this website is that it gives you the ability to seamlessly pull together dinner by following step by step instructions – with everything timed to be ready all at once.

To begin with, below is what you will see when you choose your meal to prepare. Notice on the bottom right; there’s buttons to Prep and Cook, In Groceries and another button to add to your virtual cookbook, which will save it for you. When you click Prep and Cook it will begin your cooking process with a timer. In Groceries will add to a printable grocery list, which by the way enables you to add multiple recipe ingredient lists to.

9-6-2013 4-52-47 PM


I made “Italian Trio” – Linguine with Roasted Garlic Sauce, Tomato-Basil Bruschetta and Kale Salad.

8-25-2013 8-47-36 AMAlthough I’m a fly by the seat of my apron kinda girl, I’m loving this very organized, precise layout. It’s designed to work for anybody trying to put a meal together, whether they’re experienced in the kitchen or not.

Each page tells you what time you’ll be eating. It automatically adjusts the time based on how long each step takes you.

8-25-2013 8-49-39 AMThey’ve got your back.

Oh – shut your mouth – it even tells you when it’s time to get your drink on.


I just love me some Cooking Planit.

So, here’s the end result –




Kale Salad




Now go enter my contest to win some T-fal cookware!!!


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