Cooking Planit and T-fal Cookware Giveaway

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I posted about my upcoming T-fal giveaway sponsored by Cooking Planit?

Now’s the time 🙂

The winner will receive –

A set of T-fal Stainless Steel with Thermo-Spot Heat Indicator Dishwasher Safe 12-Piece Cookware Set. It features non-stick, durable, scratch-resistant stainless steel material. It’s also metal utensil and dishwasher safe and oven safe up to 350 degrees. Oh, and a limited lifetime warranty.


I’ve personally been using it and can tell you first hand it’s good, quality cookware.

To enter –


Start End Flight 1 Flight 2
8/19/13 8/25/13 Baby Boomster Mrs. Schwartz’s Kitchen
8/20/13 8/26/13 CopyKat Recipes Daily Dish Recipes
8/21/13 8/27/13 Lisa Cooking Lark’s Country Heart
8/22/13 8/28/13 ME Redone Hot Eats and Cool Reads
8/23/13 8/29/13 Mother Would Know The Two Bite Club
8/24/13 8/30/13 Sophistishe Citron Limette
8/25/13 8/31/13 Kitchen Concoctions Cupcakes and Kale Chips
8/26/13 9/1/13 I Can Cook That Leave a Happy Plate
8/27/13 9/2/13 Peaches & Cake i love my disorganized life
8/28/13 9/3/13 Diddles & Dumplings Yates Yummies
8/29/13 9/4/13 basilmomma Cooking With Libby
8/30/13 9/5/13 Persnickety Plates Creole Contessa
8/31/13 9/6/13 Ancestral Chef Bite Sized Blog
9/1/13 9/7/13 The Staten Island Family Mamal Diane
9/2/13 9/8/13 Food Fash Recipes For My Boys
9/3/13 9/9/13 The Wicked Noodle Hungry Little Girl
9/4/13 9/10/13 Unorganized Mommy of 3 The Tasty Fork
9/5/13 9/11/13 Yi Reservation Dixie Chik Cooks
9/6/13 9/12/13 Chicago Foodie Sisters The Fountain Avenue Kitchen
9/7/13 9/13/13 Cooking from a SAHM FoodThoughtsOfaChefWannabe
9/8/13 9/14/13 Bobbi’s Kozy Kitchen Rants from My Crazy Kitchen
9/9/13 9/15/13 What Jew Wanna Eat Sumptuous Spoonfuls
9/10/13 9/16/13 The Mama Report Busy Mom of Two
9/11/13 9/17/13 Culicurious Huppie Mama
9/12/13 9/18/13 Three Diets. One Dinner. Spice’s Bites



Disclosure: This prize was gifted to me as a promotion and there is a limit of one winner per household/per family from the 50 blogs participating in the promotion. Individuals winning more than one giveaway will receive 1 set of cookware and the other winning entries will be disqualified and an alternate winner will be chosen.


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This Post Has 173 Comments

  1. Melody Domingues

    citrus poached shrimp!

  2. Theresa Jenkins

    chicken parmesan

  3. Valerie W

    Maple Bacon would be the first recipe I would try!!

  4. May M

    blue cheese steak =)

  5. Layla S.

    I really would love to make the Panko and Potatoes and the craving curry!!

  6. Angela Alpaugh

    First recipe would be Ginger Rice with Peas

  7. Shelby

    I can’t wait for you to announce the winner. I want to make the Greek chicken

  8. marsha

    chicken with lemon and caper sauce

  9. Melissa M.

    Spicy Soba Noodles!!!

  10. Leslie

    Hi! I would make the Garlicky Good meal, as my son and I are huge garlic fans. I love Cooking Planit.

  11. Jason M

    Ginger Rice with Peas

  12. Craig E.

    I’d make the Eggplant Parmesan.

  13. mrsshukra

    Always wanted to make Chicken Curry!

  14. Ben S.

    Pasta Alfredo

  15. Julie Goetz

    I also want to make the Grilled Steak with Cilantro-Garlic Butter. It looks really good. the Cilantro garlic butter reminds me of something I had when went on a cruise several years ago.

  16. Sean

    Make that chicken pot pie.

  17. Sean

    I like to make Chicken Pot Pit.

  18. Laura V.

    It’s hard to choose just one thing, but I think I’d like to try the Soup Night menu.

  19. Kathryn Mcneal

    We have a lot of chicken, and the easy chicken dinner sounds great.

  20. Lisa Garner

    Another recipe I would like to try is the Morning Kickoff group of recipes.

  21. Debra Guillen

    I would like to try the Tastes Of Italy meal

  22. April Yedinak

    I would like to make the Chicken Pot Pie. I have had a major craving lately.

  23. Kate

    Chicken curry! 🙂

  24. jenny s.

    Yum, sweet and spicy chicken! 2 of my favorite things

  25. Cindy B.

    I would make my favorite Ham & Cheese Omelet recipe.

  26. Karen D

    I’d like to make the Sweet Potato Hash

  27. Mary Beth Elderton

    The Burgers and Basil would be an awesome weekend meal!

  28. Adria

    Too many to choose from… but the fried brown rice sounds good, also the garlic spinach!

  29. Robin Wilson

    Their recipe for Jerk Pork looks delicious!

  30. Dawn Ganey

    The citrus poached shrimps sounds excellent.

  31. Ellen B

    barley soup

  32. Carmen

    I want to try Pea and Ricotta Pasta

  33. Craig E.

    I’d make the Citrus Poached Shrimp.

  34. Melissa M.

    I would make the Chicken, All Dressed Up!

  35. Brandi Price

    Probably some good Spaghetti! Yum!

  36. mrsshukra

    I want to try and make the parmesan-crusted Tilapia with tartar Sauce!

  37. Julie Goetz

    I want to make the Tomato-Basil Bruschetta as well.

  38. Lisa Garner

    I would also like to try the recipe for Spicy, Crispy Rock Shrimp.

  39. Madonna

    I’d make the Parmesan-Crusted Tilapia but without tartar sauce since none of us like it.

  40. ewhatley

    pecan crusted chicken

  41. Linda Stewart

    Fried Brown Rice … I would add chicken and shrimp!

  42. Karen D

    I’d make a nice, big pot of pasta sauce!

  43. Mary Beth Elderton

    The Burgers and Basil sounds like a great weekend meal.

  44. Robin Wilson

    Braised Chicken or See Fish, Eat It

  45. Ellen B

    pork chops

  46. Sarah

    Bacon and Chops!

  47. Julie Goetz

    I would also love to make the Pork Chops with Mushroom Sauce.

  48. Natalie J Vandenberghe

    Stir-Fried Beef with Asparagus and Water Chestnuts sounds good to me! Thanks for the giveaway.

  49. Craig E.

    I’d make the Parmesan-Crusted Tilapia with Tartar Sauce.

  50. Ines

    I want to make the Chicken Fix meal

  51. Laura Jacobson

    Oh I would also love to make their Tripp’s Fish Tacos!

  52. mrsshukra

    I want to make the cooking planit beef stew recipe!

  53. Ashley

    Any dinner, I think we own 2 pans and they constantly have things stuck to them. I’m especially excited for Pad Thai though because I avoid this like crazy now because of how horrible the pans are to clean but it’s my favorite dish.

  54. Annette

    I’d like to make, “Cold Weather Comfort.”

  55. Chrissy

    I would make homemade spinach mushroom ravioli with a new type of pesto sauce since a brand new cooking set deserves a brand new recipe!

  56. Lisa Garner

    I would also like to try the recipe for Dijon Pork Tenderloin

  57. Amanda Boerst

    I’d probably try the Sage and Garlic Pork Tenderloin recipe first.

  58. Mary Beth Elderton

    The Spice It Up!meal looks wonderful! I’ve never tried Bison, but the peppers would make it a fave around here.

  59. casi usher

    The beef stew its a family favorite

  60. Karen D

    I would make White Bean and Rosemary Soup

  61. Ruby Lin

    I will make beef stew.

  62. Robin Wilson

    There is a recipe called See Fish, Eat It that looks good

  63. Tammy Woodall

    The Cooking Planit meal I would like to try is “Lasagna Love”, which includes Lasagna, Quickie Side Vegetable (Green Beans) and Garlic Toast. It looks delicious.

  64. maria carrasco

    I would make the Parmesan Panko Chicken.

  65. Ellen B

    chicken soup

  66. Denise


  67. Laura Jacobson

    Oh I would love to make their Sweet Potato Hash! Sounds so good for Fall!

  68. Elle

    I would like to make stir fry

  69. Theresa Jenkins

    chicken parmigiana and a side of pasta

  70. Julie Goetz

    I would also like to make the Parmesan Panko Chicken.

  71. Rebecca Orr

    The roasted beets with goat cheese and pine nuts.

  72. Lisa Garner

    I would also like to try the recipe for Bacon-Wrapped Scallops.

  73. mrsshukra

    I want to make the Beef Stew from the cooking planit site!

  74. emily willingham

    the first cooking planit meal i’d like to try is “Slightly Sweet” – the Honey-Mustard-Glazed Salmon, Parmesan Pearl Couscous, and Spinach Poppy Seed Salad – sounds delish!

  75. Craig E.

    I would make the Parmesan Panko Chicken.

  76. Leslie Rigsby

    The full-on flavor meal sounds awesome.

  77. Karen D

    I’d like to make Roasted Beets with Goat Cheese and Pine Nuts

  78. Mary Beth Elderton

    Yummmm—the Haystacks and Brisket meal looks fabulous!

  79. Susan Smith

    Grandma Rose’s Tomato Sauce with Spaghetti

  80. Ruby Lin

    my comment is still making omelet

  81. Brandy Davis

    Bleu cheese steak..

  82. Robin wilson

    Seared Blackened Tuna

  83. Kristy S

    I want to try the chicken pot pie 🙂

  84. Blessie Nelson

    I would love to make rice peas pilaf, mutton chilli, mushroom frittata – oh, the countless recipes I could make with this amazing set of t-fal is endless!

  85. Annette

    I’d like to make Cold Weather Comfort from Cooking Planit.

  86. Ellen B

    salisbury steak – my son loves that

  87. Trisha B.

    Baked Chicken Tenders with Honey Mustard.

  88. kolpin

    i will make pistachio encrusted tilapia!

  89. Jeanna

    I’d like to cook the Laid-Back Steak Night!

  90. mrsshukra

    I want to cook the Blue Cheese Steak!

  91. latanya

    I would make some beef stew

  92. Jessica D

    I’m not sure what I would make but it would be something special that we don’t eat on a regular basis

  93. May M

    I would make the blue cheese steak recipe =)

  94. Layla S.

    pankp and potatoes! i must cook it from cooking planit!!

    1. Layla S.


  95. Leslie Rigsby

    I want to make the makin takeout meal.

  96. steve weber

    the chicken stir-fry for this house.

  97. Craig E.

    I’d make the Italian Trio.

  98. Yona

    I’d like to make the Mexican Brunch meal

  99. Julie Goetz

    I want to make the Blue Cheese Steak that I found on Cooking Planit.

  100. Margot C

    I’d like to make the Mixed Kebobs over Sweet Potato Mash meal, that looks great

  101. Mands H

    Chickpea and Zucchini Lasagna <3

  102. loulew

    Grilled Brie Cheese and Apple Sandwiches is definitely on my list!

  103. Judy Lyle

    Spiced Up Steak Dinner not only looks good on Cooking Planit, but is great as my husband and I have tried. Great web site.

  104. Lisa Garner

    Another recipe I would like to try is the Prosciutto, Mozzarella and Garlic Pizza.

  105. katherine

    zesty chicken !

  106. Mary Beth Elderton

    I may make the Hold the Beef meal this weekend! Yummy black bean burgers.

  107. Ruby Lin

    I think this is the 3rd entry. Love to cook omelet.

  108. tina reynolds

    I think the Black Bean and Quinoa Burgers would be a big hit in my house

  109. Karen D

    I’d like to make the Black Bean Veggie Burgers with Cilantro Mayo

  110. Amy G

    I would love to make the caramelized brussel sprouts first.

  111. Janet Benthin

    I would like to try jalapeno crab rangoons

  112. sue gehris

    I would make orange chicken

  113. Tara L

    I would make a chicken stir fry, yum

  114. Robin wilson

    I would make the Braised Chicken Thigh Dinner

  115. Michelle Willms

    I would love to make the Crispy Chicken, but I would make the Lemon Caper sauce without Capers. My husband dislikes capers (though I love them). Thanks for the chance to win.

  116. Deborah Caudill

    I would make cheese quesadillas and fried chick peas and kale. Thanks for having a giveaway.

  117. Ellen B

    pepper steak

  118. Stefanie Gladden

    I’d love to make the Crispy Chicken with Lemon-Caper Sauce

  119. Ruby Lin

    I will make omelet.

  120. Lolly

    Sweet Potato Hash! 🙂

  121. Stephanie F.

    I would make crispy chicken with lemon caper sauce. Love it!

  122. Jennifer B

    I would make fried brown rice.

  123. Claudia

    I signed up to cookingPlanit with email nclaudia25 at yahoo dot com

  124. Claudia

    I would love to make
    Herb-Roasted Filet of Beef with Horseradish Cream. Thank you!

  125. Craig E.

    I’d make the Steak-House Salmon.

  126. latanya

    spaghetti and meatballs

  127. CC

    Ooooh. Let’s start with Chicken Florentine, risotto, squash rumalade and a lovely glaze for those veggies. Then we can move on to proper, from scratch, vanilla custard for dessert. Cooking is love.

  128. Jeanna

    I’d like to make the Sautéed Broccolini with Crushed Red Pepper!

  129. mrsshukra

    I want to make the pine nut crusted eggplant!

  130. Elena

    I would make the Vegetable Barley Soup with Mini Meatballs.

  131. Elizabeth

    I’d make the “Chicken, All Dressed Up” meal!

  132. helen rowland

    i would make the Vegetable Barley Soup with Mini Meatballs

  133. Catie

    The first dish I would make would be chicken tikka masala!

  134. Lisa Garner

    Daily comment: Another meal I would like to try is the Cool and Crispy Shrimp meal.

  135. Mary Beth Elderton

    The Shellfish Pasta Night! Easy,light for summer.

  136. Ruby Lin

    Day 2 of entry.

  137. Robin Wilson

    I love their recipe for Braised Chicken !!

  138. Margot C

    I want to make the Sausage and Fennel and Pasta, Oh My! meal.

  139. Ellen B

    beef stew

  140. Teresa Reichek

    I would love to make the crab cakes w/ lemon mayo!

  141. Deborah Caudill

    I’d love to make Italian chicken in the T-FAL cookware.

  142. Blessie Nelson

    I would love to make the All Under Five meal! My family would love it!

  143. Carla S

    I would start with the brown fried rice from their website.

  144. Margot C

    From : The Honey-Mustard-Glazed Salmon with the Creamy Orzo with Corn and Peas Mixed Greens with Shallot Vinaigrette meal looks nice, I want to make that.

  145. Craig E.

    I would make the Soy-Marinated Flank Steak.

  146. Rusty H

    I would make the Cozy Lamb Dinner — Lamb wrapped in bacon served with a sweet butternut squash soup

  147. Susan H

    I would like to make the crabcakes with lemon mayo. Thanks..

  148. Barb

    I’d make lemon pepper roasted chicken strips!

  149. tammigirl

    I want to make the crispy chicken with lemon caper sauce. With garlic mashed potatoes.

  150. Yashica

    I would like to make Vegetable Barley Soup with Mini Meatballs

  151. Lisa Garner

    I want to try the Grandma Rose’s Spaghetti and Meatballs recipe.

  152. mrsshukra

    I want to make homemade chili!!!!

  153. Janice

    I could sure use this set. My old pans are looking pretty rough. And, dishwasher safe with the new non phosphorus soaps? A major plus!

  154. Elena

    I would make fried rice

  155. Ellen B

    spaghetti and meatballs

  156. Heather

    The chicken Pot pie recipe sounds awesome!

  157. Amy Tong

    Lovely…I would definitely make a pasta meal first for my family! What a lovely set to giveaway.

  158. heta s

    spicy black bean salsa

  159. Susan Broughton

    I thought the Asian Treat meal was a good one to try. So that would be the first one I think I would try.

  160. Candice

    I would like to make the Quick Cornmeal Shrimp
    Red Skin, Corn and Poblano Hash.

  161. Marsha

    I would like to make the chicken with lemon and caper sauce

  162. Mary Beth Elderton

    The Mexican Brunch looks wonderful!

  163. Ruby Lin

    I’d love to cook omelet

  164. Robin Wilson

    I would make their Crispy Chicken with Lemon and Caper Sauce

  165. Cindy B.

    The Cooking Planit meal I would like to make first is the Seafood Stew.

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