How to Open a Pomegranate




As promised in my Pomegranate Hummus post, here’s my video tutorial for how to open a pomegranate. Or cut. Or however you want to say it…

A few years ago, I watched someone open one on a local news cooking segment and I was both intrigued and relieved. Intrigued because it’s such an interesting way to cut a fruit (water bath?), and relieved because I had been annihilating my kitchen with every pomegranate I opened.

You basically cut and pop the top off, cut the pomegranate in sections and put it in a bowl of water so you can remove the pomegranate arils sans a big mess going all over your cutting board and counter. This avoids the mess, because pomegranate juice stains. The water bath also allows you to remove the little white pieces of pulp that tend to stick to the arils.

Oh, and another problem it prevents – runaway arils!




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