French Onion Fontina Burger

Do you love Fontina cheese like I do? I think it’s probably the most perfect cheese ever made; it melts so.damn.perfectly.


I find myself hoarding it when I buy it; like shoving it in the way, way back of the cheese drawer in the fridge so it’s really hard to see. That’s so immature of me. I have a feeling no one in this house truly cherishes it like I do, but if they did they would put it on everything.

I wouldn’t put it past them throwing together a grilled cheese with half a block of it and not even blinking an eye. I hope I never witness that.

Let me just say that this isn’t a burger with french onion soup mix added to some ground round. And, no, that isn’t a biscuit that it’s sitting on. I know it looks like it, but it’s a pretzel bun.

Now, before I start, please don’t think I’m knocking dried french onion soup mix because I love that shit. I always keep a box of it in my pantry. I add it to ground beef, mix it with beef broth for roasts, make dips out of it, etc. But, I’m just sayin’…this burger ain’t your typical burger. 


First things first.

I made a batch of french onion soup last week that wrecked my world thanks to one of my besty besties, Joanna. We have a never ending email/text back and forth linking eachother to our latest recipes/blogs/foodwhatever. She sent me the soup recipe that she made that her family fell in love with. I don’t doubt this girl; she’s the ultimate foodie.  I made it, obviously, and I ate so freakin’ much that night that I felt like a big bloated fat ass pig. Hence, no pictures; but I will make it again and post it soon. It’s definitely one of those things that I crave when it’s cold as shit outside and I want some serious comfort food. It’s just the most beautiful, comforting soup ever.

For the soup, this is the recipe I loosely went by. Love her.

Since I was so in love with the soup and had it on my mind for a couple of days, I couldn’t help but think of more deliciousness I could do with it. It really, really is THAT good.

So, I made my favorite pretzel dough recipe for some hearty buns and voilĂ  –  a French Onion Soup Burger.


French Onion Fontina Burger



  • Make the soup. My changes are below.
  • Make pretzel buns as directed.
  • Combine the beef through pepper and make 4 patties; grill or heat over medium heat on stove 4-5 minutes on each side until desired doneness, add Fontina to each burger and cover until melted.
  • Split pretzel buns in half and brush each side with broth from the soup.
  • Add a burger to bun bottoms and ladle warm French Onion Soup on top using a slotted spoon, then add top bun.
  • [xyz-ihs snippet="Swoop"]


These are my variations for the soup recipe-

*I used salted butter.

*I added about 1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce to the beef broth.

*I used Sherry instead of white wine or Vermouth.

*You obviously won't need the Gratinee for this burger. Naturally, you would want to make the soup a day before and enjoy it with the Gratinee first, and then make the burgers with the leftovers.


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