Curly Fries

Classic Curly French Fries

You need these and you know it.
Curly FriesDon’t fight it.

I made these using my new OXO hand held spiralizer . Fun twisty food is just a spin away with this cute little gadget. It’s SO easy to use!

spiralizerIt has two blades, it’s fast and efficient.

It literally took me under a minute to spiralize one Russet potato – which is less time it takes to peel a potato.

I mean, seriously, how cute is this.
Curly FriesI also made two dips with Stubbs Anytime Sauces – Sweet Black Pepper Sauce and Texas Sriracha Sauce – I mixed equal parts sauce and Ranch dressing. They turned out just like I thought; perfect.

Notice that I used peanut oil; it cuts down on frying time and prevents you from having to fry them twice to get them crispy.
Curly FriesOf course, there’s always ketchup. Or, catsup. Whichever word you like to call it. I’ve never understood why there’s two ways to spell it, but whatever.

Side note here – I’ve always loved ketchup mixed with mayonnaise for fries. That’s the bomb.

Go here to check out some really cool stuff going on at OXO and make it your business to get a spiralizer – you’ll have fun with it!

I also received a 2 quart baking dish that’s perfect for storing, serving and stacking that can go from freezer to oven! My fries are locked up tight in the freezer in this thermal shock resistant dish.
Here’s your printable for the fries!

Classic Curly French Fries

Classic Curly French Fries



  • Cut potatoes using spiralizer, placing them in a bowl of cold water.
  • Heat oil to 325 degrees and drain potatoes; pat dry.
  • Fry until golden brown; about 3-5 minutes, depending on thickness.
  • Drain on paper towels and salt to taste.
  • Mix each Anytime Sauce with equal parts Ranch.
  • Serve dips with french fries.
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  1. Brian

    Would you recommend soaking the cut french fries in cold water to remove starch before frying?

    1. Shea

      Absolutely! I should have included that because I have always soaked mine. Thank you for pointing that great tip out!!

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