Mexican Street Fries

Delicious Recipes for Your First Cinco de Mayo on Lock Down

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In preparation for Cinco de Mayo, or Day of the Dead as it’s also referred to, I’ve rounded up several recipes just for you. 

Mexican Street Fries
Mexican Street Fries

Yes, you. Actually, I should say Y’all. 

In light of Covid-19, AKA the Asshole of 2020, your Cinco de Mayo celebration must take place at home. Thanks to Covid, we’re all on lock down with a curfew or some type of public restrictions and encouraged to practice social distancing, or as I like to call it, SD’ing.

Since I’m a homebody, this doesn’t really bother me, but I’m sure it’s killing some of you that can’t stand to sit still or be in one place for an extended period of time. 

As far as a holiday, or celebration like this, I seriously prefer being at home rather than fighting a bunch of people waiting on a table anyway. I’m gonna overpay and wait 60-90 minutes with nowhere to sit while the little band is playing La Cucaracha as loud as humanly. possible. right in my ear?

Damnit that sounds like a relaxing night.

Ranch Guacamole
Ranch Guacamole

Most people love it. I mean, I get it. It’s fun to get out, socialize, have someone else prepare your food (you never know what they’re doing back there around or in your food – just sayin’), serve you, bring you drinks, etc. However, making it at home always wins for me.  

This is why I think having your own Cinco celebration at home as opposed to a restaurant:

  • It is without a doubt more wallet-friendly.
  • You can use your own bathrooms, and avoid that whole squatting thing while holding your purse under your arm while holding your clothes up so you don’t pee on them all the while balancing yourself in a squat position without touching anything else.
  • You (and/or family) create your own Mexican spread, allergy-friendly and all. You obviously know not to let the shrimp touch other dishes because your daughter has an allergy to shellfish, and going to the ER is not something anybody needs to be doing right now.  And it’s a given that you’ll leave off the raw onions because your husband has diverticulitis and you’ll never hear the damn end of it. Will they listen to you about those things at a restaurant? Maybe. Maybe not.
  • You’re home, so you can enjoy a margarita. Or eight.
  • You’re stranger germ-free AF.

Check out my round-up of 28 of the most delicious Mexican recipes to make in your very own kitchen. It goes beyond tacos and burritos.

I’ve found everything from fusion recipes to salsas, carb-free recipes to sides, so there is definitely something for everybody here.

Have fun with it, make it an EPIC Cinco de Mayo celebration with decorations and candles and shit. I know everybody’s getting on everybody’s nerves, but guess what? You’re making memories.

Go out all. Take photos. Do you.

Recipes here ⇒  The Ultimate Mexican Recipe Collection for an At-Home Cinco de Mayo Bash 

Refried Bean Taquitos
Refried Bean Taquitos

On a very serious note, please be safe, be informed, and remember to wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands. 

We’re All In This Together.



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