Greek Quinoa Salad


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There is something about Greek flavors that I am so in love with. As a kid, my dad always made this salad that he called “Indian Salad” (not sure why), but we also called it Greek Salad. It was green lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, peppers and feta cheese – and some sort of dressing that […]

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Ok, seriously, hear me out for just a minute. I know you were weirded out by the “lemon” word. Yes, there is, in fact, lemon on this pizza. Now, don’t run away, please – you need to see this through. Do you trust me?

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I want to share a simple recipe for a summer veggie salad I made last week that is a perfect side dish for whatever you’re grilling this Memorial Day – and it requires minimal effort. Ok, well the chopping requires a little bit of effort if you aren’t a lunatic like me who thoroughly enjoys […]

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I know what you’re thinking. “She’s just copying Pioneer Woman’s Crash Hot Potatoes.” Nope. I’m merely adapting. Actually, I think I was inspired. Isn’t that a key element of our passion as food bloggers? We inspire¬†each other¬†everyday. We actually seek¬†inspiration. I have found that I gain inspiration from so many things; but it’s the unconventional […]

Salmon Ceviche


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Ceviche. I love you. I just discovered ceviche recently, a popular South American dish. It’s raw fish marinated in acidic fruit (along with other flavorful ingredients). The acid basically “cooks” the fish but doesn’t really change the raw natural flavor. It’s pronounced “seh-vee-chey”. Very ethnic and interesting sounding, right? They also say it’s a great […]

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