Tuesday’s Top Ten

Today marks the first in a new weekly series of a post featuring my top ten internet picks of the week. Just for y’all.

I’ll be doing this weekly.

Let’s Go –

14 Infographics to Help Organize Your Kitchen – Good stuff.

Ginger Sesame Chicken Salad – Hell. Yeah.

Steak Sandwiches – Holy Mother.

Zesty Lime Chicken Taquitos – Love.

Dirty Martini Shooters – Absolute brilliance.

Tomato Bisque with Smoked Gouda Grilled Cheese Dippers – You shut your damn mouth.

Sixlets White Chocolate Popcorn – For the Fam.

Parm Roasted Garlic Mushrooms – Um…I could probably eat these everyday.

Triple Layer Guacamole Creamy Confetti Party Dip – YES!!

Sweet Onion Crack Dip – YUMaliciousness. I want this for breakfast.

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