Sesame Orechiette with Edamame

When you think pasta….what comes to mind?

Is it automatically linked in your mind to heavy Italian dishes, laden with enough cheese to kill a horse? Maybe you tend to think of cold pasta salads that are great with grilled chicken in the summer. Or, maybe just a side of penne or ziti to soak up sauce from Chicken Parm.

I have realized, here lately, that over time my family has become the “buttered noodles” family. All three of them would be completely content with a big, fat bowl of spaghetti noodles drenched in melted butter, sprinkled with salt and pepper pretty much any night of the week for dinner. I mean, don’t get me wrong. This really takes some pressure off of me the days that I work.

But, seriously. How do you find contentment in that?

This is a conversation that took place just about a week ago between my husband and me –

Me: “Hey, what do you want for dinner tonight?” (me being in full blown culinary mode when I want to put together something complicated and possibly blog-worthy, of course.)

Mark: “Would you mind if I just boiled some spaghetti? I think the kids would be fine with that too. I’m tired and I just don’t feel like waiting. I just want to eat right now.”

When he says “spaghetti”, I know what that means. Carbs. Butter. Salt and maybe pepper. Not spaghetti with bolognese sauce sprinkled with fresh Parmesan with a side of crusty bread.

Me: “Of course not.”

I don’t get it. If I’m starving I would not be happy with such simplicity. I need taste! If I’m so tired that I can’t throw something together, I will admit that Frito’s and cottage cheese would make me a happy girl.

Now that it’s summer and the kids are home, I frequently come home to sauce pans in the sink with remnants of boiling pasta. Don’t they see all the food that’s stocked in the pantry and fridge? So many things they could make –  sandwiches, paninis, salads, fruits.

See, if we’re talking pasta – I’m going to need a little more excitement going on than butter. At least throw something in there to set my mouth on fire.


Here’s a pasta recipe that didn’t set my mouth on fire…but definitely made my taste buds happy. The sesame oil alone is intoxicating. I could smell it all day long.

Next time I will be adding wasabi so my mouth will have the opportunity to be set on fire.

IMGP0480 copy

Sesame Orechiette with Edamame

1 lb. Orechiette, cooked and drained

1 1/2 cup Edamame peas, shelled and cooked

1/2 cup canola oil

1/3 cup rice wine vinegar

2 tbsp sesame oil

1/2 cup soy sauce

2 tbsp white sugar

1 tbsp sriracha (optional)

Toss the pasta with peas.


Whisk together the oil through sriracha and combine with pasta.

Don’t you just love edamame?

Serve, or refrigerate for a while to soak in the flavors.

IMGP0424 copy

Sorry those little edamame’s are hiding under the orechiette.

They must be camera shy.


~Dixie Chik~


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      Thanks Kari!!

  1. tisa

    This looks so good. I’ve never really had orechiette, but I have a freezer pack of edamame, so I might just go buy some pasta and make me some. Beautiful pictures too!

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