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Just In Time for Christmas Baking….

mini bar pan3I am giving away a Pampered Chef mini bar pan.  The possibilities for this great little thing are endless.  

Here are just a few ideas I’m thinking of right now:

♦ Personal pan pizzas

♦ Biscuits

♦ Bake pancake batter in it and slice it into strips to dunk in syrup

♦ Use in toaster oven to make hot sandwiches (yes, it can go in the toaster oven AND the microwave!)

♦ Your favorite cookie or bar recipe for a small batch 

Use your imagination…you’ll use this over and over.  It’s just like the pizza stone; the more you use it the more seasoned it becomes and the better your stone-cooked food will be.

You could also use it for those once monthly (ahem) times when you need to bake something chocolate and you don’t want to share with anybody else damnit. 

Did I just say that?? 

Speaking of pizza stone!  I have to take a minute to brag on mine.  I received mine as a gift about 6 years ago and I LOVE it.  My pizza crust comes out perfect every time.  I have also used it to broil salmon, chicken, and steak….I typically set my oven to low broil and the stone does all the work.  As you use it, the stone becomes seasoned from cooking on it and it just adds to the flavor of your food. 


I also have the pizza cutter that is fabulous.  I’ve found that it has so many other uses than just pizza.  I decided to make homemade pasta recently and I used it to cut the dough into strips, which made it so much easier and faster.  (It also makes cutting your dessert bars and brownies a breeze.)


Onto the giveaway for the bar pan…

To enter, comment on this post:  What’s your very favorite Christmas party recipe to make?  You know, the ones you take to office parties, family get-togethers, etc.  To double your chances, like us on Facebook.  If you’ve already done that, tweet us your recipe!  Good luck! 

Thanks so much to Jenny Carden for sponsoring this giveaway.  Please visit her online Pampered Chef website here to check out her wonderful kitchen goodies.  Their quality really is superior an she’s an extremely knowledgeable consultant. 

Contest ends at 9:00 P.M. Central Time, Thursday, December 9th.  Winner will be announced Saturday, December 11th.

~Dixie Chik~

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  1. Becky

    I love to make Peppermint Biscotti for holiday events – it’s perfect with a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate! By the way, I would LOVE to win this pan! Their products are the best and I would use this ALL the time : )

  2. Helen Watson

    My favorite christmas recipie is an oyster and cracker casserole. It is so very easy to make. 2 pints of oysters, saltine crackers and butter. crush the crackers and put them in the bottom of a casserole dish. put a layer of oysters, dot with butter and repeat two more times. add milk until you see it thru the crackers. bake at 350 until golden brown about 20 mins.

  3. Susan

    My favorite holiday party recipe is hot artichoke and spinach dip and toasted pumpernickel slices for spreading/dipping … I have watched it get scarfed up in record time when I bring it to my friend’s annual holiday bash … and will bring it gain this year. Why mess with a good thing, right? Happy Holidays!

  4. Annie

    I always like to bake a cake or make cupcakes any chance I get so one of the two always go with me to holiday parties.

  5. NanaBread

    I have two favorite party recipes I pull out at the holidays. One is a hot artichoke & parmesan cheese dip (awesome) served with bagel chips and the other is more white-trash but very popular – cocktail sausages in a spicy beer & BBQ sauce cooked in a crockpot.

  6. Kita

    It sounds (and is) horribly unhealthy – but I make a cheese dip that is so yummy everyone loves it. None of the ingredients resemble healthy by a mile and yet I have seen entire crock pot’s full vanish right before my eyes. Its not my favorite thing to make by any stretch of the imagination – but it always gets rave reviews. 🙂

  7. Amy Dawson

    Very cool – love the idea of baking pancake batter – that sounds like a fun thing 🙂

  8. Becky

    My favorite Christmas party recipe is a family recipe of browned Italian sausage/ground beef/Velveeta cheese mixture on toasted rye bread. the recipe is so easy, freezes well and makes a lot. but best is all is tha they’re so delicious.

  9. Kate @ Diethood

    The best cookies are my “Banana Spheres”; these things are gone as soon as they are done! Couple of ripe bananas, some orange juice, ground animal crackers, margarine, grated chocolate, and you’re done! Here’s the recipe –

  10. Tes

    What a cool gadgets! My fav christmas recipe is my mom simple roasted chicken with noodle 🙂

  11. Martin D. Findley

    I have a cookie sheet that is as well seasoned as a iron skillet that I use for pizza’s, and the crust comes out perfect every time! My favorite recipe for Christmas is my banana drop cookies (you can find under my profile on foodbuzz). Everyone eats these so fast, I can never make enough!

  12. HappyWhenNotHungry

    My favorite Christmas party recipe to make are 7 layer bars. They are so easy and always a huge hit b/c of the butterscotch/chocolate/coconut combo!

  13. veggietestkitchen

    My favorite Xmas party recipe to make is oreo chocolate truffles!! They’re ALWAYS a hit. People love them, and they’re super easy to make. This pan looks awesome. I love making pizzas but I just use a normal bakng pan right now. It would be great to step it up a notch.

  14. Helen Watson

    I LOVE PAMPERED CHEF!!! I steal my daughters every chance I get hehehehe. I love your web site shea, alot of my friends who live in different states have picked it up from my face book page. I WANT TO WINNNNNNN THIS PAN!!!!

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