Italian Sausage Eggs Benedict

Italian Sausage Eggs Benedict and Why Breakfast In Bed Is Important

Doesn’t everybody want to be pampered?BrunchEspecially Breakfast in bed.

I was served this one time –  It was my 38th birthday and my daughter made it for me.

It was one of the most special things ever; she is totally disgusted by meat and eggs but she made me the most perfect scrambled cheese eggs and bacon. It was literally the first time she ever attempted to make them and she nailed them.
Seriously, look at how perfect those eggs are.

Baby girl touched my heart, needless to say. Daughters rock. Keep that in mind, people!! You can touch your mom’s hearts by a simple gesture. Get her some pretty flowers from the guy on the side of the road or Publix, make her some eggs and kiss her on the cheek. Tell her you love her. Tell her how much you appreciate her. Hell, tell her you’re sorry for being an asshole last week when you threw your entire wardrobe into the dirty laundry because you didn’t want to clean your room and that made it easier on you. And you knew she would wash all of it.

Anyway, I’ll be highlighting breakfast/brunch in bed for Southern Holiday Life in the spring issue, mainly focusing on Mother’s Day. So….since I’m giving you plenty of notice, don’t let mom down this year. Everybody needs to experience being brought breakfast in bed at least once in their life – so kids, give mom that experience.
BrunchThe rockstar of this “breakfast in bed” is Italian Sausage Eggs Benedict.

Don’t be intimidated…it’s not hard at all.
Italian Sausage Eggs BenedictI obviously subbed Italian sausage for Canadian bacon and homemade cheddar waffles (again, not difficult) for the English muffins.

I topped them with Italian sausage, an egg sunny side up and hollandaise.
Italian Sausage Eggs BenedictIt’s a very, very luscious breakfast. I mean…look at that pool of runny yolk.

It’s like gold.

The key to serving this is timing.
IMGP9672Get all of your shit ready first – like literally on the plate – before you make your egg. Obviously, make the Italian sausage first and keep it covered, then do your waffles.

The crispiness of the Italian sausage combined with the sharp cheddar in the waffles… the lemony hollandaise and egg – OH MY. It’s just absolutely insane.

I’ll be in Southern Holiday Life ‘s Spring issue with all the details; you can go here for the online version (recipe starts on page 17, but check out the whole issue!).

Don’t worry, I’ll lay it all out for you.


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