Double Cheese Jalapeno Raspberry Stuffed Pretzel Bombs

Ok. I know it looks and sounds really psychotic.

But I can explain. And please don’t judge the photos.
Because stuffed pretzels can be a real pain in the ass when they don’t cooperate during their photo shoots. So, I’ve become kinda obsessed with stuffing the shit out of pretzel dough lately. 

This particular one happened out of convenience, and it turned out to be a Holy Mother of God moment. I had a pint of raspberries that may or may not be on the verge of molding – and we can’t have that. Not in this house.
IMGP8471 Conveniently, I had some pretzel dough on hand that I made the day before (I just love making that stuff). I made a sauce with the raspberries and some sugar, then rolled it all up with some cream cheese and Havarti in the pretzel dough. 

I’m not a dessert girl – but this confused me because it was straight up exquisite. Yes, I said exquisite. Wait-

I don’t even like sweets! 
Oh, right, right I’m am a girl obsessed with food, and I do happen to love a good salty/savory/sweet combo.

These are the epitome of that combo. Cream cheese, Havarti, raspberry sauce and jalapenos – stuffed inside a warm pretzel pillow topped with sea salt.

You will love them. 

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  1. That looks so perfect! Awesome!!!
    Minnie@thelady8home recently posted..Paneer tikka lababdar

  2. I cannot wait to make these. Please keep obsessing about “stuffing the shit out of pretzel dough”. You’re excellent at it!

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