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Easy 5-Ingredient Dinners

It’s Fall y’all! I think you’re probably in need Easy 5-ingredient Dinners To Make For Busy Weeknights… Italian Sausage Ravioli with Butter Sauce…

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Jalapeno Popper Bagel Burger

Jalapeno Popper Bagel Sliders

If there’s anything I’m known for, it’s my love of jalapeños. I do believe jalapeno poppers had something to do with it when I first had one as a teenager. I could NOT believe how delicious and addictive these…


20 Mouthwatering Beef Slow Cooker Recipes

Beef slow cooker recipes have been popular since the invention of the slow cooker, which by the way makes me wonder when that was… Anyway, next to chicken, it’s one of the most searched for when it comes to…


Asparagus and T-Bone Sheet Pan Dinner

This post is sponsored by OXO. All opinions are mine ♥ Just when I thought OXO couldn’t be more innovative. They now have peelers for every single vegetable. How awesome is that?? They recently sent me one of each to…


Smoked White Cheddar Burger with Whiskey Glazed Onions

This post is part of a kick-butt burger grill giveaway hosted by GirlCarnivore but the burger epicness is all my own. Are you a burger lover? I have been since I can remember, and making them are half the…


Pepper Steak over White Cheddar Grits

I look at Pepper Steak the same way I look at every other dish; it’s a blank canvas for me to play with. Although I didn’t completely annihilate this dish (like I tend to do sometimes in a very…


The Reubenator

 For those of you that are obsessed with everything Reuben…       You’re welcome. I made this as a part of Kita Roberts’ Burger of the Month Club, which is the brain child of Kita Roberts. This woman…

Labor Day Top Ten

Top 10 Labor Day Recipes

Forgive me… I’m late AF posting this. But, hey, if you’re anything like me, you might just now be getting your Labor Day shit together. Here are my Top 10 Recipes for this year’s Labor Day! – FINE 11;…


12 Recipes That Will Get You Hooked On Your Smoker

This article was originally published by me on Community Table/Parade Magazine online. My smoker has officially become my favorite toy. If someone told me years ago that I would have completely fallen in love with smoking, I wouldn’t have…

Kafta | Dixie Chik Cooks

Unkabobed Kafta

Familiar with Kafta? It’s a Middle Eastern lamb and beef dish that is typically served as kabobs. I simply did not want to kabob these; I wanted to take the sticks out of the equation so I could play…

Asian Lamb Burger | Dixie Chik Cooks

Asian Lamb Burger

This post is part of a kick ass burger grill giveaway hosted by GirlCarnivore, but the burger epicness is all my own. It’s #burgermonth again. Honestly, burgers are one of my most cherished foods to make in the entire…


Spaghetti and Meatballs

I honestly can’t believe I haven’t shared this recipe with y’all. It is, hands down, one of my very favorite comfort foods of all time. Everybody makes their sauce differently. To me, making pasta sauce is personal AF.…

Sheet Pan Thai Peanut Beef

Sheet Pan Thai Peanut Beef

The following post is sponsored by OXO. All opinions are definitely my own (I promise). THIS is one of the best things I think I’ve made in a while. If you follow me, you know that I moved a…