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26 of the Best Kitchen Gadgets on Amazon

Whether you have a large gourmet kitchen or a teeny tiny kitchen – you’ll always need kitchen toys. Because I love you, I have put together a curated list of 26 of the Best Kitchen Gadgets on Amazon.

If you’re anything like me, you know that behind every great cook lies a handful of kitchen tools that invoke warm and fuzzy feelings. 

We all have our favorite whisk, or that one little spatula that’s just the right size for brownies, or that cast iron skillet that EVERYthing turns out amazing in.

Unfortunately, most tools will get to the end of their little life and need to be replaced, not to mention that new tools emerge that beg to make your culinary life easier.

In anticipation for Amazon Prime Day July 11th-12th, we’ve curated this collection hoping you’ll land some fantastic Amazon must haves.a

I’ve gone deep into the vast realm of Amazon searching out innovative kitchen toys that are not just practical; they bring a touch of whimsy to your kitchen that make dinner prep fun. Most importantly, I have and adore most of these.

Here are the 26 Best Kitchen Gadgets on Amazon

OXO Kitchen Shears
These kitchen shears do everything from cutting twine to small chicken bones. They’re perfectly sharp and fantastic.
OXO Kitchen Shears

Tovolo Mini Whisk 
I use mine just about everyday. My other whisks do get used, but not nearly as much as my mini whisk. If I had to pick only 3 tools to keep in my kitchen, this would hands down be one of them.Tovolo Mini WhiskMueller Immersion Blender   

This powerful immersion blender will change your life. It eliminates pouring your batter/filling into another bowl, then to another, you can blend right in the pan you’re cooking in, or bowl, etc. You’ll wonder how you lived without it.

Mueller Immersion Blender Snap On Strainer

This ingenious strainer comes with clips to adjust to the size of the pot, so your food stays put.

Snap On Strainer


Luminarc 10-Piece Glass Stackable Mixing Bowls

You can NEVER have too many mixing/prep bowls. These are perfect size, and perfectly stackable.  

Stackable Mixing Bowls

Mini Cast Iron Skillet

This itty cast iron skillet will be used more than you can imagine. Think breakfast sandwich perfection with the ideal size and shaped round fried egg, or when you need a couple of garlic cloves roasted to spread on your Italian bread, or melting just enough queso to pour over your burrito, or possibly frying a few sage leaves to crush over butternut squash soup, or perhaps individual skillet brownie (to top ice cream with), etc., etc.

Mini Cast Iron Skillet

All Clad D 5-Ply Brushed Stainless Steel Cookware Set

For those of you in need of new cookware – yes this is an investment – but these pieces will last your entire life. They are made of sturdy AF stainless steel, they cook evenly with no hotspots, and safe up to 600° F in the oven, broiler, stove, using gas, electric or induction. 

71sQ6sdv4L. AC SY450

RCA Mini Personal Fridge, 0.15 cubic feet

Look, I’m gonna be honest here. I added it because, I mean, just look at it. It’s a tiny retro fridge! You can take it to work, or your kids could take it to college for their dorm room, or you can put your Coke Zero and night cream in it and have it next to your bed… 

61JB6nJJ vL. AC SX569

DASH 6 Egg Cooker

Yes, an egg cooker can easily be one of the best things in your kitchen. No more boiling water, this can make up to 6 perfectly cooked boiled eggs at a time. Perfect for making chicken salad or potato salad, or breakfast sandwiches! 

DASH 6 Egg Cooker


KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer 5 Quart

If you haven’t purchased one (or been gifted one) yet, you might as well go ahead and do it. I had NO idea how much use I would get out of mine, but it’s probably the most used appliance in my kitchen. It’s not just for baking – you can shred chicken with it, make perfect mashed potatoes, I make my coleslaw with it, I could go on and on. This is the color of mine – can you tell I have a pretty strong affinity for this color??

KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer 5 Quart

Bamboo 9-in-1 Plastic, Foil and Bag Dispenser with Cutter

Fill this up with all of your ziplock bags, plastic wraps and foil, put it neatly in a drawer and instantly feel Martha Stewart-ish. 

Bamboo Bag and Foil Dispenser with Cutter

SMEG Countertop Vintage Style Blender 

This retro 50’s blender is more than just a pretty face with a die-cast body and blacklit chrome knob. It has 4 speeds and 3 preset programs: smoothie, ice crush and pulse. SMEG Countertop Blender

Infrared Cooking Thermometer Gun

This laser gun (yes, laser) for your food detects temps up to 1130° F and comes in three colors. With almost 40,000 good reviews, I wasted no time clicking “Buy Now”. 

Food Thermometer Gun

Chef’n Fridge Fork

This handy little fork is for those of us that are always having to taste our food as it’s “cooking” in the fridge – pickles, slaws, etc. Or, for those of us that just need to grab a forkful of pickles or olives everytime we open the fridge door. It’s actually very handy, and cuts down on silverware usage (not to mention messes) for just getting a few pickles out of the jar.  

Chef'n Fridge Fork

Glisten Garbage Disposal Cleaner

Foaming action with a lemon scent that removes build-up and deep cleans! A real odor eliminator, this has over 39,000 reviews that are raving. 

Garbage Disposal Cleaner

Magic Squeeze Slushie Maker Cup

No ice cubes, no blender, no mess.  This TIK TOK favorite is made of food grade plastic, double layer cup, and easily creates slushies with their favorite drinks by squeezing.  Slushie Maker Cup

Glass Rinser

If it looks familiar, you’ve seen these at restaurants and bars, especially. This convenient glass washer is quick and efficient, and cleans everything from cups to glasses and even baby bottles. 

Glass Rinser

Kitchen Mama Can Opener

I’ve had this can opener for about five years, and I still love it more than any can opener I’ve ever had. The lids are completely smooth, so no one can get cut by them. She does all the work – you just place it on the can and press the button.  

Kitchen Mama Can Opener

Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

Add vinegar and water and she cleans the entire microwave using steam. Nothing is left stuck on.  

Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

Marble Dish Drying Mat

Absorbs 4x its weight in water, this drying mat cushions your dishes, is reversible and machine washable. It also comes in 11 colors and patterns.  

Marble Dish Drying Mat

Bird Citrus Squeezer

I am in LOVE with these!! I have two – I use them when I’m cooking with lemon, and when I’m serving food with lemon. Not only are they cute, but they prevent seeds from being squeezed onto the food.  Bird Lemon Squeezer

Le Chateau Wine Decanter

This hand blown wine carafe aerates wine for maximum aroma and taste, not to mention it looks gorgeous.   

Wine Decanter

Clear Magnetic Fridge Board Set

This set comes with two boards – one is a calendar, and the other one is blank for notes to keep you organized. They’re clear so they don’t obscure the appearance of the refrigerator. 

Clear Magnetic Whiteboard

Oven Safe Divided Sheet Pan 

Finally, a sheet pan with dividers.   The original patented divided silicone sheet pans so you can separate foods and maximize your prep and cooking time.  

Divided Sheet Pan

Ninja 2-in-1 Flip Toaster

2 in 1 flip functionality, it’s a deluxe toaster and a toaster oven on steroids. You’ll get fantastic grilled cheese results.

Ninja 2 in 1 Flip Toaster

Don’t forget – Amazon Prime Day is July 11th-12th.

Happy shopping!


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