15 Off-The-Charts Delicious Corned Beef Recipes

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It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day!

I absolutely adore corned beef. Made well, it can be one of the most tender and flavorful beef dishes.


It doesn’t have to be just a sandwich; you can turn it into something unique.

DSC 0069I tend to think outside of the box, so I love new spins on traditional recipes.

I’m definitely not trying to knock the tried and true, mind you, but sometimes a fresh idea can actually become a new tradition.
Corned Beef and Cabbage 4 1

I’ve found 15 of the best corned beef dishes – some old, some new (Reuben Pachos!!), but they’re all fantastic. These could convert any self-proclaimed corned beef hater!

Go here to see my collection!

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