Handmade Wooden Serving Tray With Handles Kitchen Multipurpose Tray


There’s something about wood that’s so enduringly alluring. Perhaps it’s the direct connection to nature or maybe it sparks recollections of grandparents’ homes where wood dominated furniture and kitchen essentials. Whatever it is, it’s a love that will remain! This serving tray with handles unintentionally pays homage to this timeless classic. Offered in a set of 3 sizes – 14 inches, 12 inches, and 10 inches – the serving tray set can be used for years to come and even passed down to generations! You can use it as a tea serving tray, as a wine tray and even as a place to display cherished collectibles. The large wooden serving tray and the two smaller ones are all made of rosewood or sheesham, a tree native to India. It’s often used in furniture owing to its durability and its resistance to warping. It’s also resistance to termites and rot, making it a top choice among manufacturers of wooden items. You’ll certainly love using this hardy tray set too! Add it to your collection of home essentials today.





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