Creamy Crab Dip

  Creamy Crab Dip I woke up this morning STARVING and this hit the spot. It’s a simple crab dip. This cream crab dip was my breakfast this morning. Simple, not simple simple, but delicious simple. I have always LOVED the taste of crab and had an affinity for crab legs, crab claws, crab cakes, etc., even as a kid – and associated them with going to the beach because that’s when going out for seafood was a given. Making this makes long for the beach. I’m so sick of sweatshirts and socks. And shivering my ass off walking from the parking deck to the door to work. I’m definitely not a winter lover. Since I can’t snap my fingers and make summer suddenly appear, let’s take a little trip down memory lane. Let’s peruse a typical day at the beach as a kid, shall we? 8 am. You get up in the morning, go out to the beach early with your family, flop around in the water, beg your parents to get up off their beach chairs. They don’t. They’re too busy reading People magazine or a book, drinking Tab (Dad’s got a Miller High Life) sleeping, or talking about … Continue reading Creamy Crab Dip