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Coconut Jalapeno Basmati Rice Soup | Dixie Chik Cooks

Coconut Jalapeno Basmati Rice Soup

Since it’s fall and all… I made you a new soup with Basmati rice (that stuff is sooo fragrant), fresh coconut and what I like to call “jalapeno honey”. Here’s the story behind that. A few weeks ago, I made these Candied Jalapenos, and I had so much of the remaining syrup after removing the peppers, I decided to can it because who wouldn’t want to keep some jalapeno honey on hand?…

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Cordon Bleu Rice

You know how sometimes you throw something together, not even meaning to make something spectactular but it just ends up being a straight up rockstar? That happened with this rice. Sometimes we make things out of convenience; maybe we have…