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Dixie Chik’s Entry into Tastespotting’s Johnsonville Sausage Contest

I ran across this contest on www.tastespotting.com recently.  Use Johnsonville Italian sausage in an original or not-so-original way – should be fun, right?  It was.  My first attempt was a sausage, cheese and maple scone that looked great but didn’t quite make the cut in the taste area.  Needed probably more cheese and a bit more fluffiness.  Probably needs to be a biscuit.  A big, fat biscuit.  I wanted the sausage and cheese to combine with the pure maple syrup to make the ultimate breakfast bread.  I will be tweaking this and trying to get it perfected because Joanna and I think it really has potential.  So stay tuned for all that. So, here’s the final recipe.  Mr. Dixie thoroughly enjoyed…

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Individual Pizza Pasta Squares

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