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Sheet Pan Pachos | Dixie Chik Cooks

Jalapeno Sloppy Joe Sheet Pan Pachos

Yes. Pachos. Meaning…potato nachos. They’re a real thing… They’re inspired by these Sloppy Joes. And if you haven’t tried those, you need to. They’re life changing.…

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Buffalo Chicken Hand Cut Fries

These aren’t your regular ass french fries. Not only are they hand cut, they’re seasoned with this awesome veggie rub from Feiny’s Rubs. The fries are fantastic all by themselves, but I went and slutted them up a little.…

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Potato Salad

This, my dear www friends, is potato salad made with real tastebuds in mind. You know those little plastic tubs you can get in the grocery store with the big chunks of potato and weird mayo/mustard mixture, maybe some…

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Crash Sweet Potatoes

I know what you’re thinking. “She’s just copying Pioneer Woman’s Crash Hot Potatoes.” Nope. I’m merely adapting. Actually, I think I was inspired. Isn’t that a key element of our passion as food bloggers? We inspire each other everyday. We actually…