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Double Decker Greek Burger

I ♥ Greek flavors. Hummus, Tzaziki, feta cheese, Kalamata olives. I love them ALL. Here’s a few examples in case you missed them… Oregano Chicken with Pearl Couscous and Greek Salsa Greek Black Eyed Pea Salsa Greek Quinoa Salad Greek…

Beef, Burgers, Featured

Sriracha Muenster Burger

Hot damn. Isn’t she the prettiest? This is by far one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. EVER. Let me begin by telling you that this isn’t my burger. Nope, this is my son’s. My 18 year old…


Sherried Chicken and Mushrooms with Crispy Sage

This is kinda, sorta like Chicken Marsala.   But, I didn’t use Marsala wine. I opted for Sherry, and I fried sage leaves until they were crispy. This was my first time using fried sage leaves – OMG they’re soooo…

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Chicken with Artichokes and Lemon

This chicken. I ♥ lemon. I have always had a special little place in my heart that tart little fruit. Want a couple of examples? Go here and here. I especially love it paired with bold saltiness like olives or…

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Seared Italian Chicken Thighs

You typically won’t catch me eating bone-in chicken. Ok, maybe sometimes I want some hot wings (complete with a Heineken), but for the most part, it grosses me out. I have learned over time that bone-in chicken is so…