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PINcentive Blog Hop

Today I’m co-hosting a PINcentive Blog Hop from Elena at Cropped Stories! Here she is- Not here for the giveaway?  No problem.  Don’t feel bad in scrolling right past this to The PINcentive Blog Hop to get your party on! For those interested in FREE prizes; it’s your lucky day!   Our giveaway is still up, running, and just waiting for you to enter for a chance to win $100 in PayPal cash, a $75 Amazon Gift Card, and free ad space on Cropped Stories!  Only it closes in less than 4 days, so  don’t delay!  And if you wanted to, feel free tell your friends!  I’m just sayin’!  So have at it, and GOOD LUCK!…

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It’s a Keeper Thursday – Recipe Linky Party

Today I am co-hosting It’s a Keeper Thursday with Christina from Everyday Tastes.  This means you have the opportunity to link up your favorite recipes (and even craft projects!).  Both Christina and I will do the most popular links from her site, which…