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Jalapeno Crab Rangoons

I have been told a few many times that I have a tendency to incorporate jalapenos into my dishes. “You put jalapenos in everything!”. No I don’t. You don’t see them in my cupcakes, do you??? There is nothing wrong with a little heat. Haven’t you heard that spicy food speeds up your metabolism? Not to mention the fact that they are just so dang tasty – and have a severe affinity for cheese. These crab rangoons want to be jalapeno poppers so bad. I tried to help them out as much as I could. My favorite part is the sauce that is absolutely divine. It’s officially sacred in this house. I would like to put it in a wine glass and drink it.…

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Foodbuzz 24×24: A Tribute To Japan

Several weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be chosen to participate in Foodbuzz ‘s 24×24 project.   24×24  is a showcase of blog posts from 24 Foodbuzz Featured Publishers, hosting 24 different dinner parties, all within 24 hours. In honor of…