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Curly Fries

Classic Curly French Fries

You need these and you know it. Don’t fight it. I made these using my new OXO hand held spiralizer. Fun twisty food is just a spin away with this cute little gadget. It’s SO easy to use!…

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Buffalo Chicken Hand Cut Fries

These aren’t your regular ass french fries. Not only are they hand cut, they’re seasoned with this awesome veggie rub from Feiny’s Rubs. The fries are fantastic all by themselves, but I went and slutted them up a little.…

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Dill Pickled French Fries

Pickled french fries? Yes. Do you like salt and vinegar potato chips? Pickles? If so, you’ll love these. You need these in your life. You just didn’t know it until now. They will love you back.…