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Candy Corn Infused Vodka

I’m soooo not a candy girl. Give me hot, spicy, cheesy beautiful food. We’ve all seen the stuff on Pinterest about infusing vodka with jolly ranchers, fruit, etc. I’ve been meaning to try something like that for a while – I’m not gonna lie – because it looks like it’s so damn fun, but I just haven’t gotten around to it. Because, you know, there’s food to be made. Lots and lots of food.  …

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Spicy Refried Bean Soup

Sometimes good things happen straight from necessity. Such as….getting up at freakin’ 7 am on a Saturday morning because you weren’t thinking when you made the appointment with pest control. But – you ended up spending time in the…

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Pomegranate Pico de Gallo

Have I mentioned lately how much I hate winter?  I HATE it.  Sorry to all you lovers of winter/snow/fireside chat/freezing to death.  Put me on a beach with 90 degree weather and a margarita anyday.  In the last few years…