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Inappropriate Elf Contest

Ok kids, I’m doing it again. I’m entering BabyRabies Inappropriate Elf Contest. Remember last year’s? Yes, that was our Jackson.  He should be ashamed! But I can’t stop laughing; Jackson is just so entertaining. Anyway, this year we took a different approach for the contest. This year he’s scary. He’s really… …really scary. Dear Lord. I’m going to have to reign him in; I’m not sure who he thinks he is. He has obviously taken this whole think-outside-of-the-Elf-box waaaaayyyy too far. He just needs to go back to TP’ing the Christmas tree, stealing liquor, rummaging through my purse, etc. Anyway my lovely readers……. I need y’all!!! Please click on the link and vote for me as much as possible!! Jackson…

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