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Crab-Mango Pico de Gallo

Would you be interested in the difference in salsa and pico? Salsa is wet. It happens to be the Spanish word for “sauce”, from what I’ve learned. I’m always wanting to be schooled. Tell that to my mother who…

Featured, Vegetables

Spicy Refried Bean Soup

Sometimes good things happen straight from necessity. Such as….getting up at freakin’ 7 am on a Saturday morning because you weren’t thinking when you made the appointment with pest control. But – you ended up spending time in the…

Featured, Seafood

Cilantro Shrimp

Simple and quick.   Sometimes you just need easy, fast go-to dishes.  It’s those nights when you get home from work, you’re extremely tired, it’s dark outside (because of daylight savings time, its really late; or whatever), you and your family are…