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911 Chili Cheese Queso

I’m giving you a virtual hot kiss right now. Aren’t you excited? This is some pretty significant heat in the form of cheesy, beautiful queso dip that could very easily take the place of dinner. At least it could for me, anyway.…

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White Cheese Dip

Everybody loves cheese dip.  Errybody. I know there are a lot of cheese dip recipes. But, this one is different; this is my version, kids. I don’t know why, but I swear the buttermilk makes it. I tried it again…

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Pretzel Dogs with Dijon Pepperjack Sauce

These little pretties started out as a pizza with pretzel dough experiment. It was a request from my husband after seeing this commercial. Here lately, I’m so obsessed with this fantastic pretzel dough recipe I found that I gladly agreed to take on that…