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Buffalo Chicken Taquitos

Buffalo Chicken Taquitos

Are you a fan of taquitos? Hell, I’m a fan of most things Mexican. Especially when I make them at home. The beautiful thing about making food at home vs. eating out is the control you have. You can control it all – the amount of cheese, how it’s prepared, how spicy, etc. Why would you not want to make it at home? These aren’t your typical taquitos. I think I probably say that about a lot of things I make, but it’s the truth. These are made with flour tortillas, chicken thighs and buffalo sauce. Easy. I also made a dipping sauce with sour cream, salsa verde, and candied jalapenos.…

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Spicy Buffalo Patty Melts

I’ve never put much thought into patty melts. Spicy Buffalo Patty Melts For example, I wouldn’t order a patty melt at Waffle House. But, I’m kinda weird when it comes to certain things at restaurants.…

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Football Food Recipes

Ready for some football food? Are you watching the Super Bowl this weekend? Am I? Not sure. I’m more of an SEC kinda girl. I do, however, like a good excuse to put out a good line up of…