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Buffalo Chicken, White Cheddar and Blue Cheese BLT

I believe it’s probably apparent that I have an affinity for buffalo sauce. I could literally drink it. If it’s Moore’s. Have you seen my Buffalo Blue Burger? It’s phenomenal. Oh, and Buffalo Chicken Skillet Pizza is amazing if you haven’t tried that. Let’s not forget my Buffalo Chicken Hand Cut Fries.…

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Fried Egg BLT
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Fried Egg BLT

Yep, I’m going there. Fried Egg BLT.    Everybody else is on the damn fried egg train so I’m hopping on too. I’ve actually always been on it, but just haven’t put too much thought into it other than putting…

Buffalo Chicken BLT
Brunch, Chicken, Featured, Main, Pork, Sandwiches

Buffalo Chicken BLT

There’s something so beautiful about a well made BLT. The bacon has to be crispy, the lettuce fresh, and the tomato ripe (but not too ripe!). I was craving one a while back and things just kinda got out of hand.…