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    Artichoke Pecan Dip | Dixie Chik Cooks

    Artichoke Pecan Dip and Meighan’s Bridal Tea

    This past weekend I hosted my cousin, Meighan’s, bridal tea. It was perfect. I’m gonna share my artichoke dip recipe with you below, but I wanted to share some of the tea highlights first. Meighan and I are 10 years apart. I’ve had a very close relationship with her since I babysat her little ass in a pumpkin seat at age 10 weeks while my aunt cleaned houses. She was sooooo sweet, little and cute – I wish I had pictures to show you – I’ll have to scan in some real pics in later. That progressed to me babysitting her as a toddler when I was a teen, and then she became a little shit ass. “You’re not my mom! You…

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