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I had a realization a few days ago. There are so many of my favorite tried-n-true-and-made-so-many-times-I-could-make-them-with-my-eyes-closed recipes that I have not shared. I have no idea why. So, here’s a rundown of things I need to post for y’all – please feel free to hold me to this: Pizza; not my lovely pizzas with lemons […]

Asian Meatball Sub


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My cousin, Meighan, and I now officially have a new obsession. It’s a simple slaw. Yep. It all started last Saturday when we were preparing for her boyfriend’s “Dirty Thirty Poker” party. We had, oh I don’t know, maybe 10 or 12 appetizers we were making. We just couldn’t get a hold of ourselves. We […]

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Just for y’all – I have teamed up with Welch’s to not only give away some good stuff – $50 in Welch’s Products! –  but to give some great info about the role of mealtime in today’s families. Welch’s has been doing their homework. Unlike me in the 10th grade. However, I have to say, that’s […]

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I started thinking the other day….why don’t you hear of turkey salad? Like chicken salad – but with turkey. You see tuna salad. Egg salad. Macaroni salad. Why not turkey? With all the leftover turkey every Thanksgiving, you would think that would be a given. I obviously decided to make some, but I have to […]

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How.Dang.Cute.   Y’all know I’m not a baker, and not too crazy about sweets. However, I do have a family and they definitely are on the extreme end of being crazy about them. These are not difficult at all and the kids can help you out with them. I got this recipe from Sweet Tooth. What […]

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