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Knowing that this week’s ingredient is avocado, my mind initially went to something Mexican-y, like guacamole. But how fun would that be? I love guacamole, but don’t see whipping that up as being very challenging. Plus I like to get creative. That’s my thing. (But only in the kitchen – I can’t draw or sew […]

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I think one of the things that I love so much about Ingredient Challenge Monday is we have one ingredient to work with any way we want to, and I can create a recipe completely outside of that particular ingredient’s reputation. For example, blueberries are typically used for sweet dishes. But…me and sweet are not […]

Beer Can Chicken


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Is this a “man thing”?  Stuffing a can of beer in a chicken and grilling it? No, I don’t think so.  I’m sure my brother would say otherwise.  He and I have an unspoken competition when it comes to food, BUT I do have to say he is damn good in the kitchen/grill that I […]

Kahlua Chicken


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It’s Kahlua. It’s chicken. It’s Kahlua Chicken. Everybody’s favorite poultry gets to have a little booze.  Oh, wait a minute I already did that.  Did you happen to see Chicken Martini? If not, it’s definitely worth peekin’ at. Anyway, I have this big bottle of Kahlua that I bought when we were in Mexico last year because 1) it […]

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 This recipe came to me when I was Tired. Hungry. Looking to use some potatoes that were starting to sprout.  That grosses me out. Looking for another reason to grill because the weather is beautiful right now.   This is a little different than your regular cheese fries you get at restaurants – I always feel […]

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