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I know, I know, it’s summer. Why would I be posting a soup recipe? I have my reasons. Have any of you had a summer cold? Last week I came down with a horrendous, vicious summer cold that kicked my ASS; I haven’t been that sick in a very long time. It was a typical coughing […]

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I love when this happens. You know, when your leftovers go straight Rock Star. I was just trying to use up some leftover flank steak the other day, and I was starving.

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If you haven’t had asparagus in a while (or ever), here’s a good excuse to go get some. If you aren’t very familiar with it, canned asparagus is VERY different from fresh. The canned version is mushy, and will not work with this recipe. Fresh is better for you anyway! Despite being delicious, did you […]

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There are several things I love about summer….the heat, the beach, the clothing (shorts, tanks and flip flops!) and, of course, grilling. As much as I love to grill burgers, steaks and chicken, there’s something so unique about marinating vegetables and grilling them. They take on a completely different texture and taste; as a matter […]

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Isn’t corn easy to love? It’s sweet, a little crunchy, and very versatile. Oh, and good for you too! It’s naturally sodium free and a very good source of Vitamin C. It’s a strong antioxidant, helps to fight infection and viruses and also serves as a natural antihistamine. Who needs Claritin. I ♥ food and worry about […]

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