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Yes – it’s another slider. Don’t judge a girl for having a million and one ways to use slider buns. Just listen. Or, read. These. I just can’t even begin. Ok, maybe I can. They’re beyond fantastic – Oh, wait, is so yesterday? Or was it so 2012, or maybe so 2011? Hell, I have […]

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Yes, you read it right. Date. Date as in the big raisin looking thingy. I put fresh dates on a grilled cheese. But not just any grilled cheese…..this is Gorgonzola and cream cheese. And BACON. There’s something about Gorgonzola. You either really love it or you despise it.Wish I could talk my husband into liking those salty, […]

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I have had a few requests lately to post this recipe from the Cooking Party I had a few months ago.  I posted a picture, but promised the recipe later.  Didn’t mean to take so long!! These are DELICIOUS …. Absolutely decadent – an amazing mix of sweet, salty, cheesy….and bacony. Not sure if bacony is a […]

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We’re going away for vacation – 8 days -  so of course its time to clean out the fridge and try to use up all the fresh produce just lingering.   It was an experiment…..and I loved it. 1 Braeburn apple, washed and diced 1 pear, washed and diced 2 Roma tomatoes, washed and diced   1 small […]

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When I was at the farmer’s market yesterday I knew I wanted to make something with butternut squash, but couldn’t decide what to make.  After looking through my cookbooks and online, I decided to look through the pantry and use my culinary instincts (sometimes I have them!).  This actually came out very well and all of […]

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